Snapshots of People in Naples
Hardly any other Italian city is as full of life and atmosphere as Naples. People are helpful, lovable and always ready for a little chat. They also like to be surprised by a camera and appreciated the personal contact after taking the pictures. Many of them told me exciting stories about their lives and their city.
Landscapes in a tree trunk
After a violent winter storm many broken trees gave insight into their innermost. One trunk particularly attracted me, because it revealed immaginary landscapes in its fracture, which inspire the viewer to fantasize. Images of worlds are created in the mind that one believes to have seen or dreamt elsewhere before.
After the Storm
It was after a heavy winter storm near Zurich. when I discovered the structures in the broken trees. I was fascinated by the power emanating from the fractures in the trees, but also by the tranquility radiated from individual tree structures.
Snow Paintings
Walking along around in Falera (Switzerland) and looking closer to what snow had to offer I detected fascinating structures and abstract paintings ideals for a transformation in black and white.
Fresh Snow
t was on a sunny winter morning on one of my fotowalks when I discovered the impressive snow structures created by the fresh snowfall modulating the underlaying structures already existing.
The series "StrandSand" depict micro landscapes that I found on the beaches pf Vietnam. But it could have been everywhere. I was fascinated by the landscape-like structures formed by waves, small watercourses and the wind. The pictures were transformed into black and white and colored with duplex to give all subjects a common colorfulness.
Out and About in Vietnam
Some years ago Vietnam was considered an insider tip for travelers. Today some areas of this country are already flooded with tourists. In spite of its enormous growth in the last years the country has kept its character. And yet I have never been in a country before that made the "price for growth" so visible.
Tuscany - Found Landscapes
Our imagination of Tuscany in Italy is heavily conditioned by thousands of pictures shot by thousands of photographers – pictures of medieval houses and churches, tiny vineyards on smooth little mounds, cypresses in the background, romantic landscapes in faded colours filled with uncounted chains of hills. I have taken my own approach to this overphotographed but still impressive landscape with frozen moments of harsh black and white contrasts found in the early morning or late afternoon.
On the Streets of Cuba
The people of Cuba struggle hard for a decent every day life. Yet they are full of enthusiasm and lust for life. They love their country, their culture, their friends and are extremely welcoming. I picked out some of those lucky encounters in black and white.
Faces of India
In January 2015 we had the chance to travel around India for nearly one month. During this trip we met great people, most of them having a hard life and yet being open minded and extremely welcoming. I took the opportunity of those special moments to photograph some of these great personalities. A small exclusive selection you'll find now on this portfolio site.
Havana Queens
Those who will dance for the "Havana Queens" on stage are part of the best of the best. At their castings only the most talented dancers of the cuban island will compete against each other. They are all professionals and training for one thing only: to be chosen. The stage show is about such a casting, focusing on the young dancer called Coco, attracting the attention of everybody. The dancers tell the story of love, competition and their common goals - all at once. Coco and the group are diving in various cuban environments just in order to achieve clarity about their feelings.
Iceland - Infinity - Intimacy
Iceland is infinite landscapes undisturbed by modern infrastructure on the one hand and intimate details on the other. This series of pictures plays with near and far.
Portraits in Black & White
I have started with black & white photography only recently. Especially when it comes to portraits I am fascinated by the enormous emotional potential it shows.
Painted by the Savannah
On my last trip to the African savannah I have rather spotted for natural patterns in the landscape than for animals. The result is a bunch of pictures not instantly revealing what they are showing.
Industry Paintings
With the conversion of old industry areas into exhibition halls, markets or restaurants the former installations and infrastructure loose their function and survive as decorative elements; I call them "Industry Paintings".
StadtGrüsse Lissabon
The project StadtGrüsse Lisbon is an attempt to paraphrase the typical pattern of traditional postcards while creating a new category reflecting the atmosphere of the vibrant city of Lisbon.
StadtGrüsse Zurich West
StadtGrüsse is an attempt to paraphrase the typical pattern of traditional postcards while creating a new category reflecting the atmosphere of the booming district called Zurich West.
A Saturday in Zurich
On an ordinary Saturday in Zurich - crowded with people on Bahnhofstrasse and on markets, lonesome in less known areas - I was searching for people to capture with my camera.
A Day in Zurich Main Station
A day in Zurich Main Station; that is people arriving and leaving, waiting patiently for the next train or hurting not to miss their connection. I met an inspiring mixture of solitude, serenity and hustle and bustle, an overload of information, noise and colors.
Painted by a Brook
On the way down from Passo Lucomagno - right across the busy street - I found a little brook creating unique nature paintings with water, iron, bubbles and stones.
Urban Landscapes
Every city has its own scent, its own atmosphere and its own details. The picture series contains numerous "perfumes" from a variety of cities around the world.
Abdullah Ibrahim in Horgen
Abdullah Ibrahim offered me the unique opportunity to photograph him during his rehearsal and concert in the Horgen church. During his performance I was the only photographer but he did not want me to leave my seat nor to make any movement in order not to disturb his concentration.
Animal Wildlife
From a row of expeditions to southern Africa I brought back hundreds of pictures of animals living freely in the savannah. A special selection of these wildlife scenes is shown here.
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